Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Mangina Monologues

Today's notes on the conversation I had to overhear from an adult, African American male.

Today in the Mangina Monologues....

If you have to tell ppl "I know who I am, I'm not gonna let anyone else tell me who I am".....You don't know who you are and are enough of an idiot you won't hear it when others try to tell you.

If you have to tell ppl you "aren't a rude person." Trust me, you are most definitely a rude person. Considerate ppl demonstrate they are considerate through their actions, they don't take out verbal billboards.

If you have to tell ppl you "do your job, I don't need anybody else telling me to do my job." You are not doing your job and it has come to the attention of someone else that they need to make you aware of it.

If you have to tell ppl you "know how to conduct yourself in a professional manner." don't and you aren't.

You know what I'm saying?

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