Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Gatekeeper I Am

I rode in on your dreams
My desires become your nightmares
You cannot free yourself from me unless you cease dreaming
Sleep is your prison
I am the gatekeeper, riding in on your dreams
Colors are bright here
Vivid and true
I whisper your fantasies

I compose your songs
Music in your ears, my symphony
You cannot free yourself of me, unless you cease to hear the chords
Silence is not your friend
I am music, the violin strokes the prison bars
Sounds are loud here
Vivid and true
The piano caresses your soul

I write your story
My inspiration is your future, my path your destiny
You cannot free yourself from me unless you cease to understand
Books encircle your mind
I am infinity, you are my center
Words are empowering here
Vivid and true
They provoke your mind

I am your voice
Your speech is my drug and I tell your story
You cannot free yourself from me unless you become mute
Your voice is your song
I am the songstress, the world my stage
Your song is my biography
Vivid and true
The music universal

I rode in on your nightmares
I am the keeper of death and I hold your spirit
You cannot free yourself from me unless you live for eternity
Your horror is my sustenance
I thrive on your fear, it is my heartbeat
Blood is flowing here
Vivid and true
The result is madness

1 comment:

  1. This was written in honor of being published in a book of poetry compilations "Stars in Our Hearts: Visions" on sale now at Amazon. com and bookstores worldwide.


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